Risk Management

Reducing risk is as prominent an IT issue as any out there today. From nature/weather induced emergencies to cyberattacks, it has been common to ‘expect the unexpected.’ Still, many are surprised to learn that most ‘disasters’ are human-generated: malware, user error, and malicious employees. SMBs in particular are at risk, with the following concerns:

  • Fewer resources to prevent data disaster
  • Limited resources to combat disaster
  • Can't afford to lose valuable data
  • Can't afford to not produce revenue
  • Loss of competitive edge
  • Negative impact on reputation and customers
  • Potential regulation non-compliance

Business Continuity | Disaster Recovery

The traditional conversations of business continuity and disaster recovery focus on offsite or appliance data storage and data recovery solutions. At Arth systems we expand business continuity to include building agility and security into your operations that ensure your IT department can support your changing business priorities as well as unforeseen interruptions in operations.

Our business continuity solutions start with an analysis to determine the balance you require between agility and risk mitigation. We then design solutions that enable your business objectives whether you experience seasonal bursts in IT resource requirements or desire a complete redesign in hybrid environment replicated across multiple geographies. Whether you need a Business Impact Analysis, a complete design of your Backup/Recovery and Disaster Recovery process, or the selection of the proper tools needed for automate your process, we can help. We have experienced engineers who run our Backup Recovery and Disaster Recovery managed services who have been helping our customers succeed for over 20 years.

End-Of-Life-Technologies(Windows Server 2003, Windows XP)

Windows 2003 goes out of support after July 14, 2015. End of life for any technology is challenging, but with the proliferation over 8 million Windows 2003 licenses in existence, migration efforts are expected to be huge. Many have not assessed the impact of whether their existing servers truly need to be migrated. Add in the complexity of the variations of the target environment, including the cloud, and it’s not surprising that customers are confused. Our engineers have been performing Windows migrations from platform to platform since the days of Windows NT. Working to understand your specific risks and steps you can take is imperative. Don't wait until the last minute.


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