Identity Management

Identity management used to focus on users and passwords. Later it evolved to include the creation of user groups and deployment of complex directory forests. In today’s environment identity management is a security, identity and access strategy. Arth systems works with you to design identity management solutions that incorporate the design and testing of your security and access policies.

We believe the design and testing of policies that support your business and regulatory requirements is the first step in implementing identity management solutions. Based on your organizations work style, we will configure and deploy the most utilized directory solution in the marketplace, Microsoft Active Directory, in either a premise, hybrid, or cloud environment.

  • For a mid-sized manufacturing company, we migrated their on premise active directory using Office 365- a hybrid ADFS solution. Case Study
  • For a large high-tech firm, we developed an Azure AD premium proof of concept to be utilized by their clients and for other centers to be setup in different geographic regions. Case Study