Bring Your Own Device (BYOD/BYOA)

Many IT departments are struggling to implement BYOD/BYOA in a way that capitalizes on the benefits and maintains control within the IT environment. As mobile device technology increases, along with the business productivity advantages of work from anywhere; business and IT leaders are challenged with how to protect corporate data access while reaping the productivity benefits of BYOD/BYOA.

We provide BYOD/BYOA policy development consultancy with our managed services solutions. Arth Systems integrates identity, data access, and device management to deliver on your IT policy and user flexibility requirements. Whether you choose to incorporate Windows, iOS, or Android mobile devices, you need a solution that protects the access to confidential company data and the integrity of your IT endpoints.

  • We established and build a solution for multi-platform devices, to reduce the staff support and increase controlled security measures available to fulfill an instant-on demand security system. Case Study


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